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Social Ministries

Council for Catholic Women

The Council for Catholic Women (CCW) meets the 2nd Thursday of each month (Sept-May) at 7pm in the St. Denis Parish Hall.

Please contact Dawn Peters for any questions.

Men's Club

The Men's Club meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 7pm in the St. Denis Parish Hall. For additional information please call David Gerry at (904) 838-0238

Junior Youth Group

Junior Youth Group has started up again. JYG is for grades 6-8. Please bring a snack or drink for everyone to share at the meetings. JYG Permission and Medical Release Forms were given out during the first meeting. If you haven't completed these, please ask for the forms at the next meeting. We need these forms to let your child continue to attend the JYG meetings and activities. For more information, email

Click on our flyer to learn more about our meetings in 2014-2015. We hope to see you soon!

Senior Youth Group

Senior Youth Group is for grades 9-12. Contact Noel DeLeon at (904) 613-6910 or email

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Call (904) 996-8380 for more information. Please visit our website, St. Vincent de Paul

UNF Catholic Ospreys

Welcome back to our UNF parishioners. Please visit the official UNF Catholic Ospreys website -- -- for more on what they have to offer our students.

Parish Health Ministry

The Parish Health Ministry is broadening its mission to include the physical, mental, and emotional health of all parishioniers. From our blood pressure screenings and fall health fair to health education, wellness classes, parenting, dealing with aging parents, stress management, etc.

Volunteers needed!! We welcome physicians, nurses, health educators, mental health professionals and anyone who is interested in contributing their time and talent to this ministry.

For more information, please call Patricia Huff at (904) 866-2264.

Hispanic Apostolate

Nancy Cherena - (904) 338-4195
Angel Sanchez - (904) 318-4312

Filipino Apostolate

The Filipino Apostolate meets every 2nd Sunday of the month after the 12noon mass at St. Denis Parish Hall. Point of Contacts are Gene Magat, President (904) 635-2670, Mike Kabiling, Vice President (904) 955-6350, Susan Browning, Secretary (904) 374-7102, and Sen Ragasa, Treasurer (904) 646-1314. Membership is free and we are open to all.

Couples For Christ

Raul & Jhoanna Sumbeling - (904) 509-6706

Rosary Ministry

The Blessed Trinity Rosary Ministry meets the 3rd Friday of each month at 7pm. Please join us in making beautiful, hand-made rosaries for the various ministries/needs of our Parish.

For directions/additional information, please contact Michelle Coleman at (904) 221-9530.

Knights of Columbus

For more information, contact Grand Knight Joseph Hertzer.


*** Inquiries about Parish Ministries not listed above should be directed to the Parish office at (904) 641-1414. ***