Don’t Miss Our Holy Week Parish Mission with Kelly Nieto April 3-4, 2023 7:00pm! (Confessions available 6:00-7:00pm)

Over 200,000 people worldwide have been impacted by the fruits of Kelly’s powerful conversion story! Kelly is a  professional speaker, author, music producer and songwriter of Cross and Light, an international critically acclaimed musical of Christ’s Passion to Pentecost, now on tour and in development as a movie with Michael  Omartian,17-time Grammy Award Winning producer, composer, and artist. (

As a convert to Christianity, Kelly loves sharing her conversion story from life on the road as an agnostic New Ager, Miss America Runner-Up and National Talent Winner and opening act for Garth Brooks. After a life-changing vision in 2000, Kelly was inspired to write and produce Cross and Light.

Kelly’s amazing sense of humor and “spunk and spirit” has always remained at the center of everything she does. Her new book, My Holy Mess will keep you laughing and crying through this crazy journey of faith over fear. 

“Through LAUGHTER and TEARS Kelly teaches us how God works miracles through each of us! Kelly uses her sense of humor to remind us what a great gift we have in our Catholic faith!” –Jennie McBride

Kelly is also the mother of five awesome kids and has been married to her husband and best friend, Dominic for 30 years.   

Kelly’s a woman on a mission. It’s not an overstatement to say that you’ve never met anyone quite like Kelly!

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