NCYC 2021

National Catholic Youth Conference 2021
Indianapolis IN
November 18 – 20, 2021

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In a distinctly Catholic setting, the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) invites participants to encounter Christ, experience Church, and be empowered for discipleship. Come to Indianapolis for 2021 NCYC to be set Ablaze • Enciende El Fuego

I invite you to come and hear about this wonderful pilgrimage to attend this year’s National Catholic Youth Conference at the beginning of the BTSYG Meeting on March 28th starting at 5PM. This is open for all high school teens who will be in the 9th – 12th grade during the next school year (21-22).

Questions or for more information, please contact Noel deLeon at 904.629.1022 /


The theme of NCYC 2021 is Ablaze| Enciende El Fuego. The second chapter of the book of Acts tells about the coming of the Holy Spirit. At NCYC 2021, we will call upon the Holy Spirit to descend upon our young Church and set them Ablaze for the Lord!

Tickets for the 2021 NCYC will go on sale May 1 and is limited to the first 10k.

News reports about COVID-19 are everywhere. The Dioceses of St. Augustine and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) join our prayers with yours for the development and deployment of improved treatment and prevention protocols and for the eventual eradication of this virus that has affected so many in very profound ways. Despite the period in which we currently find ourselves, NFCYM continues to move forward in a spirit of optimism with plans for an in-person National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) November 18-20, 2021, in Indianapolis.

Leading up to November 18th, NFCYM will be working closely with officials of the city of Indianapolis and the Marion County, Indiana, health department to develop virus mitigation and response plans specifically for NCYC. Only with their approval will NFCYM open the doors to the 2021 NCYC. If you have previously participated, the 2021 NCYC will look and operate a little differently. What should be unmistakable in the experience is our commitment to the NCYC mission: to provide a distinctly Catholic environment in which participants are invited to encounter Christ, experience Church, and be empowered for discipleship.

To this end, the NCYC project team is currently reviewing every plan made to date to ensure it still resonates amid this pandemic and all the conflicting emotions and changed realities that have come along with it. More detailed program information will be posted as it becomes available.


Not all conversations are created equal.

There’s kind of a lot to talk about these days. What kind of restrictions will still be with us this summer? How can we survive the end of the school year without going crazy? How are you feeling after all these weeks at home with everyone? Why are you upset with me?

Each of these conversations is important, but each one needs to be approached differently. This two-week mini-course will teach you good communication principles, how to effectively transfer information, a skill for making a deep emotional connection and another for reconciling well after a hurt inside and outside our relationship.

If you have already completed the Every Day in Love or Follow-up course to our Living in Love weekend, these skills will be a review, but you are still more than welcome to attend and invite others! No previous exposure to Living in Love programs is necessary to attend.

Sundays: May 3 & 17. 9pm E, 8pm C, 7pm M, 6pm P. Via Zoom.
Cost/couple for both sessions: $15 Scholarships available upon request.

Re-consecration of the United States to the care of the Blessed Mother Mary

The bishop shares the following with you: Archbishop Gomez will lead a brief liturgy with the prayer of re-consecration of the United States to the care of the Blessed Mother Mary on Friday, May 1 at 3:00 p.m. (EDT) and has invited the bishops to join in from their respective dioceses and to extend the invitation to the faithful in their dioceses for their participation.

The livestream of Archbishop Gomez’s liturgy will be available on both the USCCB’s website at

Please visit to download the worship aid which is available in both English and Spanish for distribution.

Holy Week Schedule

[Distribution of Palms-Drive through pick-up only] Saturday 5:30pm-6:30pm Sunday 8:00am-9:00am Noon-1:00pm 3:00pm-4:00pm

PALM SUNDAY [Masses] Sunday 10:30am 2:00pm (Spanish)

MONDAY APR. 6TH 8:30 am Daily Mass Noon Angelus and Rosary 3:00 pm Divine Mercy 6:00pm Angelus + Adoration (Meditation and Reflection until 7:00pm)

TUESDAY APR. 7TH 8:30 am Daily Mass Noon Angelus and Rosary 3:00 pm Divine Mercy 6:00pm Angelus + Adoration (Meditation and Reflection until 7:00pm)

WEDNESDAY APR. 8TH 8:30 am Daily Mass Noon Angelus and Rosary 3:00 pm Divine Mercy 6:00pm Angelus + Adoration (Meditation and Reflection until 7:00pm)

THURSDAY APR. 9TH (HOLY THURSDAY) 8:30 am Morning Prayer Noon Angelus and Rosary 6:00pm Last Supper 7:00pm Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

FRIDAY APR. 10TH (GOOD FRIDAY) 8:30 am Morning Prayer Noon Stations of the Cross (English) 3:00pm Last Seven Words 5:00pm Stations of the Cross (Spanish) 6:00pm Celebration of the Passion of the Lord.

SATURDAY APR. 11TH (VIGIL) 8:30 am Morning Prayer Noon Angelus and Rosary 3:00pm Divine Mercy 8:00pm Vigil Mass

10:30am Easter Mass, 2:00pm Easter Mass in Spanish

[Distribution of Easter Wishes (bags with something from the Parish)-Drive Through Pickup Only]
8:00am-9:00am, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Watch BTCC Mass on YouTube

BTCC YouTube

Going forward, we are uploading all the Mass’ (Daily/Weekend/Tridium) to our BTCC YouTube Channel. This is especially helpful for those not on Facebook. The link to the channel is below and we ask everyone to pass the word. They can subscribe to our channel so they can get notifications of the video uploads.

These videos will be made public usually within 1.5 hours after the start of the original Mass time. I.E., daily Mass should be available on our YouTube channel by 10AM (8:30AM Mass time) and Sunday Mass should be available by Noon (10:30AM Mass time).

En el futuro, estaremos subiendo los videos de todas las Misas (Diario/Fin de Semana/Tridium) a nuestro Canal de YouTube BTCC. Esto será especialmente útil para aquellos que no están en Facebook. El enlace al canal está a continuación y pedimos a todos que pasen la palabra. Pueden suscribirse a nuestro canal para que puedan recibir notificaciones de las subidas de vídeo.

Los videos se harán públicos generalmente dentro de 1 hora y media después del inicio de la hora original. La Misa diaria debe estar disponible en nuestro canal de YouTube antes de las 10AM (8:30AM Mass Time) y Sunday Mass debe estar disponible antes del mediodía (10:30AM Mass Time). 

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