Letter From Fr. Jhon – COVID safety plan (Phase 1)

Below is an important message from Fr Jhon as a heads up for all involved in our various ministries. This announcement will be made at all Masses this weekend and will go in effect Pentecost weekend May 22-23. Please click >>here<< to view the flyer that will be included in the weekend bulletin.

My dear family,

I am writing you this time because it is my priority and duty to promote the common good by doing all we can to protect and provide safety to our Blessed Trinity families, my employees, ministries and people who come to our home to celebrate the Eucharist with us.

For this reason I want to share with you what the Diocese has in place a new Covid-19 Safety Plan with a phased approach. Based on guidelines of the CDC and FDOH, metrics for vaccinations in diocesan counties and metrics for positive case and Covid-19 deaths we are now able to move into Phase One. 

Dispensation from Sunday Mass is being lifted for all individuals, beginning Pentecost Sunday. The dispensation may still apply to those who are living with persons who are ineligible for vaccination for medical reasons, are considered to be in a high-risk category or with underlying conditions. Remember to use the dispensation if:

·         You exhibit flu-like symptoms

·         You have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, and you are asymptomatic.

·         You care for the sick, homebound, or infirmed

·         You are unable to get to Mass through no fault of your own

For Blessed Trinity, we will gradually begin decreasing the space for physical distancing. Rest assured that we will still maintain sections for those who are not comfortable with decreased distancing. We will continue with sanitizing the Church and Hand Sanitizer will be available. 

I do realize that City and State Officials have lifted mask mandates, but please understand that we are following the guidelines set forth by the Diocese and I am being obedient to my Bishop. Therefore, all mask requirements remain intact.  


Fr Jhon

AS OF 1:45PM on 5/14/2021

Hello everyone

I just received this information from our chancellor. Please share with everyone of the members of your ministries. They are good news.

Reverend Fathers and Deacons:

As has been our policy throughout the pandemic, we continue to follow the guidance of the CDC.  In light of the new CDC guidance released late yesterday, we are adjusting diocesan guidance regarding the wearing of masks.  Please share this with your pastoral staff as appropriate. 

As you may be aware, CDC changed their guidance on the wearing of masks, stating that

•             Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance. 

•             For now, the following measures are strongly encouraged: 

–              For those who have been hesitant in getting vaccinated should do so at their earlier convenience. Children 12 years of age and older are now eligible.

–              Get tested if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

–              Follow CDC and health department travel requirements and recommendations

Given this new guidance from CDC, effective immediately, Bishop Estevez has approved that at Masses in our parishes and missions we will no longer require the wearing of masks for fully vaccinated persons, nor will we require proof of vaccination or ask if persons are vaccinated.  All other diocesan guidance remains in place. 

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 data and report our findings weekly via Pastoral Briefing every Monday morning. 


Blessed Easter Season,

Deacon Mike

NCYC 2021

National Catholic Youth Conference 2021
Indianapolis IN
November 18 – 20, 2021

NCYC Website

In a distinctly Catholic setting, the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) invites participants to encounter Christ, experience Church, and be empowered for discipleship. Come to Indianapolis for 2021 NCYC to be set Ablaze • Enciende El Fuego

I am excited to announce that we have 22 teens & 6 adult chaperones from our Youth Group attending NCYC 2021. It’s going to be a wonderful experience and I ask everyone to please keep us all in your prayers as we prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for this journey.

As of 7/01/2021, the costs for each teen participate is $400.
Below is our timeline of known events.

May 1, 2021Dioceses Office of Youth Ministry purchasing NCYC tickets
May 23, 2021Initial Deposit of $100 per attendee due – Parent/Teen Meeting @6PM in the Lady of Our Lourdes Conference Room (right side of the Gym)
June 27, 20212nd Deposit of $100 per attendee due
July 15, 2021Safe Enviroments Letter due for all Chaperones
August 1, 2021First NCYC Participate Meeting (4:30PM – Our Lady of Lourdes Conference Room)
August 22, 20213rd Deposit of $100 per attendee due
September 12, 2021Second NCYC Participate Meeting (4:30PM – Our Lady of Lourdes Conference Room)
September 26, 20214th Deposit of $100 per attendee due
October (Date TBD)Dioceses All-Hands meeting (Place TBD)
October 10, 2021Third NCYC Participate Meeting (4:30PM – TBD)
October 24, 2021Final/Remaining Payment Due for all attendees (Total Amount paid should equal $400 per teen)
November 18, 2021Depart for NCYC (Meet at Jacksonville International Airport/Time TBD)
November 20, 2021Return to Jacksonville (Pick up at Jacksonville International Aiport/Time TBD)
Early DecemberNCYC recap meeting with Fr. Jhon
All dates and figures are subject to change.

Questions or for more information, please contact Noel deLeon at 904.629.1022 / syg@btccjax.org.

NCYC NEWS & UPDATES8/1/2021 First NCYC Participate Meeting:

August 1: First NCYC participate meeting.

  • We will be meeting once a month until NCYC, all tentatively scheduled before the 1st SYG meeting of each month. Schedule above reflects those dates.
  • We discussed COVID-19 is still very much out there and is still infecting a lot of people. It is you and your family’s choice whether or not to get vaccinated, however it is highly recommended to. Remember, we will be in a conference with over 10k in attendance. We will be flying in a plane with others. The city of Indianapolis, NCYC and our Diocese will be monitoring and working together to ensure a safe conference.
  • We briefly discussed how the conference is laid out and how the unknown is there due to the COVID-19 restrictions and changes. It’s important to remember that while although the conference will sure to be different, Our Lord never changes.
  • While most of the logistics are complete, our focus for the next couple months will shift on preparing ourselves for this wonderful experience. Please pray for yourself as well as everyone in our group, our dioceses and all those attending NCYC 2021. Pray for the desire, the want and understanding of the need for you to attend this pilgrimage.
  • Diocesan and NCYC paper work have not yet been received. Once received, they will need to be completed and returned. The NCYC registration will need to be notarized and we can arrange a notary to come and notarize our papers as a group if needed.
  • Please try to make all the NCYC participate meetings going forward. The more you can make, the better the experience will be.

6/10/2021: Airline Flight arrangements have been made. Airline travel is via Southwest and both ways stop and change flights at Atlanta.

Depart JAX @ 0640Arrive IND @ 1020
Depart IND @ 0830Arrive JAX @ 1205
Subject to change

6/1/2021: Hotel Information: Hampton Inn Downtown Indianapolis. 105 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis IN 46231.
Please send me your rooming preference (who you want to room with).

5/1/2021: We have 22 Teens attending and 7 adult chaperones!

3/1/2021: The theme of NCYC 2021 is Ablaze| Enciende El Fuego. The second chapter of the book of Acts tells about the coming of the Holy Spirit. At NCYC 2021, we will call upon the Holy Spirit to descend upon our young Church and set them Ablaze for the Lord!

Tickets for the 2021 NCYC will go on sale May 1 and is limited to the first 10k.

News reports about COVID-19 are everywhere. The Dioceses of St. Augustine and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) join our prayers with yours for the development and deployment of improved treatment and prevention protocols and for the eventual eradication of this virus that has affected so many in very profound ways. Despite the period in which we currently find ourselves, NFCYM continues to move forward in a spirit of optimism with plans for an in-person National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) November 18-20, 2021, in Indianapolis.

Leading up to November 18th, NFCYM will be working closely with officials of the city of Indianapolis and the Marion County, Indiana, health department to develop virus mitigation and response plans specifically for NCYC. Only with their approval will NFCYM open the doors to the 2021 NCYC. If you have previously participated, the 2021 NCYC will look and operate a little differently. What should be unmistakable in the experience is our commitment to the NCYC mission: to provide a distinctly Catholic environment in which participants are invited to encounter Christ, experience Church, and be empowered for discipleship.

To this end, the NCYC project team is currently reviewing every plan made to date to ensure it still resonates amid this pandemic and all the conflicting emotions and changed realities that have come along with it. More detailed program information will be posted as it becomes available.

’20 Confirmation Retreat Information

Blessed Trinity Parish Religious Education Program

Dear Retreat Team leader:
Thank you for giving up a Saturday in order to help prepare our youth for Confirmation. The following should help make our day go by as smoothly as possible.

• Please arrive at 8:15 a.m. for prayer, set-up, and any last minute details. We will meet at the hall.

• Please become familiar with the small group leader guide. If you are a presenter, please be familiar with the material that you will present and with the small group activities, and prayer rituals.

• Please be prepared to introduce yourselves to the participants by stating your name, how long you have been at this parish, a quick family bio, and why you became a member of the retreat team.

• There will be three conferences and group sharing sessions. As the participants arrive, they will get a name card with one color dot. The dot indicates what small group they will go into for the first conference. For the second conference, the students will go to their small groups according to the color of their ACTION card. For the third conference, the candidates will be divided by using playing cards.

• Please regroup with the participants in the prayer area before each conference.

• Please become familiar with the schedule. This is a guide to keep the day flowing. However, when working with teens, one has to be flexible. Other activities and games may be introduced in between conferences as we see the teens become restless. Be prepared for these possible changes.

• This should be a forum for the teens to share of their faith openly and without inhibition or fear of criticism. They will share openly if they know the group leaders will do the same. Be open to participate in the Spirit games and icebreakers, as the more they know of us, the more comfortable the teens will become.

• The third conference involves a written examination of conscience and the writing of a letter and prayer. Towards the end of the Reconciliation Prayer Service, there will be a burning of these letters outside. At the time of the letter burning, I need adults to keep the participants a safe distance from the chimenea.

• Please write a palanca letter that can be given to any participant who does not receive a letter from their parents or sponsors. This should be a letter of encouragement and of prayers offered for the participant.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, 646-4320, or by email at dre@btccjax.org. I look forward to seeing you at the retreat.


Tips for packing and going through airport security.

All – Here are some tips for our trip for packing and going through security..

  1. 2 bags total – one carry on and one personal bag / purse / backpack. So a small pilot bad with a backpack, or duffel bag with tote bag. If you have a bag, backpack, and a purse, the purse MUST fit inside your bag – you won’t be allowed to have 3 bags. 👜🧳🎒 <<Please check Southwest regulations regarding carry on luggage>>
  2. If you are only using carryons, ALL your toiletries MUST be 3 oz or less. Included a shampoos, toothpaste, hair gel, lotions, moisturizers. AND all those liquids must fit in 1 quart size zip lock bag. You will be asked to remove your liquids from your bag at security so make sure they are all in one quart bag and have them handy in your bG so they can be easily removed. You don’t need any fancy bags for toiletries – just a plain zip lock is fine. Gallon zip locks are a no-no. <<Please check TSA website for more information>>
  3. Be prepared to take off your shoes at security.
  4. Have your ID handy with your boarding pass at security. After, put your ID away – you shouldn’t need it after security.
  5. Prescriptions – make sure you have them and are packed. Allergy meds, etc.
  6. Consider bringing Tylenol, Advil, Tums, a probiotic. Your eat, sleep, normal routine will be off for this trip. Don’t laugh, but there is a likelihood that you could be constipated. 😳 <<Remember all medications must be turned in to Noel – please put them in a ziploc bag with your name on it and any instructions on taking them. They must also be written on your medical release form>>
  7. Bring a reusable water bottle BUT be sure it’s EMPTY when you go through security. If it’s not, they will throw out the bottle. I had a nice one thrown away because it had a couple of sips in it. BUT AFTER security, you can fill it up. I highly recommend this. The airlines do NOT supply passengers with enough water or snacks.
  8. …So bring some snacks on the plane. Almonds, trail mix, Apple, granola bars, sandwich, etc. 🍎🥯🍩🥜
  9. Consider an extension cord or small power strip. With multiple people trying to get ready in the morning and shower / use restroom, you’ll want a power option that’s convenient.

NOTE: with the 2 bags you carry on, one bag MUST fit under the seat so make sure it’s a good size. 2️⃣

Final call out: hand lotion and chapstick – your new best friends. It will be cold and damp outside, but heated and dry inside. Hydrate all the time, but keep lotion and chapstick handy. 🤔

NCYC News (11/15/2019)


Here is what you need to know!

The 2019 NCYC app will be available for download this Thursday, November 14. Use the app to personalize your schedule, flag exhibitors you want to visit, access guides to prayer, and so much more. 

NCYC Live! Follow NCYC through our Live Stream
NCYC Live! will be a unique experience to follow the fun and energy of NCYC from home. Find links to our YouTube and Facebook Live coverage of NCYC and more at http://www.ncyc.info/livestream.

Also, check out our FREE NCYC Parish Watch Party resources to help you plan your own NCYC Live! viewing party. Watch from home, a friend’s house, or your parish.

NCYC Collection
Delegation leaders, please help us in spreading word to NCYC pilgrims and their parents about the onsite collection and the NFCYM National Day of Giving, on Saturday, November 23. Reminders, social media posts, and announcements will be made before and during the conference, but we have found that letting attendees and their parents know ahead of time has always lead to us exceeding our collection goals. We encourage you to share the following:

NFCYM would like to invite all NCYC participants and those back home to join us in a National Day of Giving and onsite collection at closing mass, November 23, 2019. “Set five aside” is an easy way to remember to save a few dollars throughout the conference to help give the NCYC experience to another high schooler who is need of a scholarship.  All funds raised go directly to the NFCYM Scholarship fund, providing scholarships and grants to youth and ministers in need of assistance to attend NFCYM national events. Over $180,000 in scholarships and grants were awarded for high school youth to attend 2019 NCYC, raised through funds donated at 2017 NCYC.

Rock The Universe 2020

Rock, Ride and Rejoice.

January 24 – 26, 2020

Raise Your Hands. Raise Your Voice. Raise Your Spirit.
It’s an unforgettable weekend of faith and fun. Experience two nights of powerful tunes from Christian Music’s brightest stars at Universal Studios Florida.

Lift your hands and let your heart soar with amazing artists including TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Newsboys United, Switchfoot and more!

COST – $150.00. (Must be an active SYG member).
Includes: 2 nights of Rock the Universe / Universal Studios Park Entrance, 2 days of Islands of Adventure Park Entrance, 2 nights hotel (breakfast included) & bus transportation.

  • Parent / teen meeting – January 5th starting at 5PM in the Parish Hall.
  • All commitments in by January 5th with and initial deposit of $75 due.
  • Final payment due January 22nd
  • Download the Agenda here: RTU 2020 Agenda
  • Download all forms needed for the trip: RTU 2020 Forms

Chaperone Information: 
Noel deLeon                 904.629.1022
Sheila deLeon              904.923.0867
Felix Alvarez                908.283.6909
Jackie Alvarez              908.764.9349

Linda Miranda (DRE – Jacksonville Contact)

Hotel Information:
Holiday Inn Express
5605 Major Blvd, Orlando FL 32819


10/29/2019 –

NCYC Live Stream will allow parents, parishioners, and other youth to see what is happening at NCYC and participate in our daily programming in their own way. NCYC will be providing a new resource, The Parish Watch Party Guide, which will help those at home to experience NCYC with reflection questions, prayers, and activities.

NCYC wants their Live Stream to be of the highest quality for all who want to experience the excitement in NCYC wherever they are! Help us do that by completing this short survey.

More information will be out soon.

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