Father Jhon’s Camino Experience (Picture Narrative)

My dear family I am walking the famous “Camino to Compostela”, an ancient pilgrimage for Christians and non Christians. Two years ago I made a small part of the French Camino, and now I am doing the Portuguese one. I started this journey this past Monday September 9th visiting the beautiful city of Lisbon and Porto. This is an amazing ad- venture. I will be at home this coming Friday September 20th. My in- tention this time is to walk 180 kilometers (112 miles). – part Father Jhon’s message published on the Church Bulletin of 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 15, 2019

This is a Picture of Fatima Shrine. We started our journey visiting one of the most beautiful sites dedicated to Mary.
“Cruceiros” Crosses on the river. This river is the river where the body of St. James was moved until Santiago de Compostela (Spain).
Convent of St. Francis in Santiago de Compostela. We prayed the Holy Rosary together.
“Cruceiro” A beautiful stone cross. You can find this kind of crosses around the path indicating the “el camino” in Villaboa.
This is the Symbol of “El Camino”. A Shell. We received a shell to carry it on the way to Santiago. This picture is from Esposende-Antos Portugal
An amazing old wood tabernacle. This tabernacle is a pelican. The door to put on the Blessed Sacrament is the chest of the animal. The Pelican is a symbol of the Eucharist.
The facade of the the Cathedral “Santiago de Compostela”.
In front of the “Santiago (James) Cathedral”. After almost 190 km. We arrived to this amazing city.
Am Amzing view of the ocean. We walked the Portugues “camino”. This picture is taken from a small hill in Guorda, Portugal.
Small village on the way. The name of the town is Arrabal.
This small chapel is from Pontevedra, Portugal just before the cross to Spain.
Portugal. We were able to see this amazing bridge during our walk in Redondela, Portugal.
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