Tips for packing and going through airport security.

All – Here are some tips for our trip for packing and going through security..

  1. 2 bags total – one carry on and one personal bag / purse / backpack. So a small pilot bad with a backpack, or duffel bag with tote bag. If you have a bag, backpack, and a purse, the purse MUST fit inside your bag – you won’t be allowed to have 3 bags. ??? <<Please check Southwest regulations regarding carry on luggage>>
  2. If you are only using carryons, ALL your toiletries MUST be 3 oz or less. Included a shampoos, toothpaste, hair gel, lotions, moisturizers. AND all those liquids must fit in 1 quart size zip lock bag. You will be asked to remove your liquids from your bag at security so make sure they are all in one quart bag and have them handy in your bG so they can be easily removed. You don’t need any fancy bags for toiletries – just a plain zip lock is fine. Gallon zip locks are a no-no. <<Please check TSA website for more information>>
  3. Be prepared to take off your shoes at security.
  4. Have your ID handy with your boarding pass at security. After, put your ID away – you shouldn’t need it after security.
  5. Prescriptions – make sure you have them and are packed. Allergy meds, etc.
  6. Consider bringing Tylenol, Advil, Tums, a probiotic. Your eat, sleep, normal routine will be off for this trip. Don’t laugh, but there is a likelihood that you could be constipated. ? <<Remember all medications must be turned in to Noel – please put them in a ziploc bag with your name on it and any instructions on taking them. They must also be written on your medical release form>>
  7. Bring a reusable water bottle BUT be sure it’s EMPTY when you go through security. If it’s not, they will throw out the bottle. I had a nice one thrown away because it had a couple of sips in it. BUT AFTER security, you can fill it up. I highly recommend this. The airlines do NOT supply passengers with enough water or snacks.
  8. …So bring some snacks on the plane. Almonds, trail mix, Apple, granola bars, sandwich, etc. ????
  9. Consider an extension cord or small power strip. With multiple people trying to get ready in the morning and shower / use restroom, you’ll want a power option that’s convenient.

NOTE: with the 2 bags you carry on, one bag MUST fit under the seat so make sure it’s a good size. 2️⃣

Final call out: hand lotion and chapstick – your new best friends. It will be cold and damp outside, but heated and dry inside. Hydrate all the time, but keep lotion and chapstick handy. ?

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