SYG Rock the Universe Trip 1/27 – 1/29

Here’s some information regarding this trip:

We will be leaving from the church hall parking lot on Friday, 1/27 as close to 3:30PM as possible. Once we all arrive, we will load up and leave so please don’t be late. You will also need the 2 forms I sent out earlier this week completed in order to participate in the trip so don’t forget to bring them. You can also turn in the money to me on Friday. If you need to download and print the forms still, you can do so here: RTU FORMS. If you need me to print you a copy so you can complete it before we leave, let me know.

I’d recommend eating something before we leave on Friday between 3:30PM and 4PM. You can bring a snack and drink for the ride down but please ensure all drinks are bottles so you can cap them and prevent them from spilling. We won’t be arriving at the hotel and parks until after normal dinner time. Plan accordingly and ensure you have enough money for your meals and snacks throughout the weekend. Also make sure you stay hydrated! Even though it’s not hot, you still need to hydrate. I’d recommend bringing a refillable water bottle to carry with you through the parks. If anyone would like to donate a case of water, let me know.

Check the weather and plan on dressing appropriately. It currently looks like it will be cold to chilly in the morning and evenings and nice weather during the day. I’d recommend dressing in layers or at the very least have a nice jacket to keep you warm. We are not planning on going back and forth between the hotel and parks so you will need to bring everything with you that you plan on wearing each day.

Hotel room arrangements will be all girls in 1 room, all boys will have 2 rooms – I will let you guys figure that out yourselves. We should be all grouped together in the hotel and since we have a small group, this shouldn’t be an issue. No boys shall ever set foot in a girls room and no girls should ever set foot in guys room.

While at the parks, you will need to stay with a group of 3 or more at a time. This shouldn’t be a problem as we all love and enjoy each other ๐Ÿ™‚ Please make sure at the very least, one person in your group has a charged phone at all times. There should never be a time where anyone in your group does not have a working phone. Please ensure this and plan your phone time and battery consumption well between each other.

It would be wise to do you homework on the road trip down to Orlando on Friday. It will be a long and fun weekend so don’t count on Sunday night to do your homework as you will more than likely be very tired. Pace yourself at the parks, enjoy each other and spend time with those you do not know very well. This is a time to make new friends and grow closer to old friend. Have fun, smile and laugh!

If you haven’t already, program my number in your phone – Noel 904.629.1022 and Mrs. Sheila’s number 904.923.0867.

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