7/5/2023 UPDATE:

If you haven’t already made the first/initial payment of $100, please make arrangements with me as soon as you can. Please see 6/13 update below for recommended payment schedule. (It is a recommended schedule but please ensure the entire balance of $350 per participant is made before the trip. However, please let me know your intention on payments). Our next meeting is 7/30 but I am looking into an offsite activity in July.

Airline arrangements has been made via Southwest Airlines. The departure time and arrival times are the best I can do to keep within our own/best timelines, sorry for the early departures. I will provide airline flight #s in a later post.

Thursday, November 16 – depart JIA at 640AM, arrive INDY at 1015AM – connecting flight in Atlanta.
Sunday, November 19 – deaprt INDY at 810AM, arrive JIA at 1155AM – stop at Atlanta, no plane change.

We have a total of 20 from BTCC attending NCYC. 13 teen participants and 7 adult chaperones (names and numbers will be posted at a later date).

For the 7 adult chaperones, please log into and check to ensure you have module 1 completed in your profile. I will be reaching out soon for more information I need from you to turn into the Dioceses.

6/13/2023 UPDATE:

Since we did well on the 5/20 & 5/21 weekend second collection we have reduced the costs by $100 per participate for a total of $350.00 each. New payement schedule is below.

NCYC Payment schedule:
June 24 – $100
July 30 – $100
October 22 – $100
By November 15 – $50 (Final Payment)

This is just a general guideline to keep it easy on you. If you need to shift around the payment schedule based on your needs, please let me (Noel) know.

5/12/2023 UPDATE:

At this time we have 17 total in attendance – 11 teens and 6 adult chaperones.

We will be doing a second collection on the weekend of 5/20 & 5/21 to help go towards the SYG activities but especially towards NCYC 2023.  Please be sure to pass the word and ask for their kindness and support.  SYG members & NCYC attendees will be making an announcement after each mass this weekend (5/13 & 5/14).

**We are still accepting registrations for teens up to July 1st.  If you know anyone on the fence on attending, please have them reach out to me.

NCYC Payment schedule:
June 24 – $100
July 30 – $100
September 24 – $100
October 22 – $100
November 15 – $50 (Final Payment)

These dates are set around the upcoming planned SYG meetings. All checks need to be made payable to Blessed Trinity Catholic Church.  Noel will provide receipt of payment – it is recommended you keep these handy in case of any accounting errors. If you have any issues making these payments, please reach directly out to me. Cost should not be a hinderance for anyone not to make this event.

Please note that unless certain circumstances occur, any payments given towards NCYC cannot be refunded.  The parish is already making payments to the Diocese as scheduled as well as taking care of advance payments towards airline and group travel expenses.


NCYC Parent & Teen Meeting was held on 4/23 at 5:30PM in the Youth Conference Room.
There were 12 teens in attendance along with 9 parents.  Donna Williams also came to speak.

NCYC 2023 will be held on November 16-19 in Indianapolis IN. 

NCYC has been happening in Indy since 2011 every other year (odd years).  Noel has been attending NCYC with the SYG since 2009.  This will be Noel’s 8th trip to NCYC.

NCYC 2023 Teaser video were shown at the beginning:  NCYC 2023 – Teaser

NCYC webpage for more information:

Noel explained the goal of giving the teens these “God Experiences” to our teens and shared some thoughts and experiences from past teens who went to NCYC.  “It is the best event we can send our teens to.” Donna Williams talked about her 3 teens who went previously and Hassan Cruz briefly spoke on his experience as a chaperone.

Noel showed Ana Noto’s video about her experience when she went in 2019 and also showed Grace’s video when she went in 2017. You can find this video along with other SYG & NCYC videos on Noel’s YouTube channel. Search for noeldeleon8262 in YouTube.

Initial Deadlines:
This is a diocese event.  We will register as a group with the diocese.
May 1 – Group Leader form due to the diocese.
May 15 – Initial Registration and deposit due to the diocese.

Noel shared dioceses ESTIMATED cost per person:
Conference registration fee ($295), Hotel estimate for 3 nights ($320 per person based on Quad room), Diocesan Dinner ($20), Diocesan Hoodie, T-shirt, Souvenirs ($40) and Diocesan administration fee ($10).  Total Estimate of $685.  Please note this is a package deal and cannot exclude any part of it.

Additional cost:
Airline cost to and from Jax <> Indy (see below).
Ground transportation to and from Indy Airport <> Hotel (Normally around 1k total for the group).
Food, snacks, drinks and souvenirs/etc while at NCYC.  Plan on 5-6 meals if hotel has free breakfast.  Meals at NCYC are usually Mall Food Court meals, food trucks (Per-Covid) and walk-in type restaurants.  Sit down restaurants are frowned upon by Noel as they take too much time away from the conference.  Talk to Noel more about how much you need to plan on brining for food (this will be a continued discussion leading up to the trip).

Hotel Information:
This information is not yet available. DoSA works with NCYC on securing a hotel for our size group.  Normally, every diocese attending NCYC is put into a lottery for hotels and is given what is available through this lottery system.  Once Noel gets the hotel information, he will pass it to those attending.  DoSA always asks and prefers hotels with free breakfast.

Flight arrangements:
Noel has tried various combinations of which airlines, what time to depart both Jax and Indy and would prefer to use Southwest airlines due to the ease of use and variability of their group sales procedure.  Noel also prefers to leave Jax early in the morning in order to get to Indy to have the teens settle down and have the ability to show the teens where to go, which route to take between the hotel and convention center/Lucas Oil Stadium.  It also gives us the ability to go to the opening Mass and Eucharist Procession.  Departing Indy to Jax, it would be nice to have a mid-morning flight to get us home early afternoon.

At the time of writing these notes, roundtrip airline costs with Southwest is roughly $421.95 per person.  Southwest is currently booking out to 10/29 – 10/29.  Will need to secure airlines as early as possible once 11/16 – 11/19 opens up for reservations.

With these estimations, total cost for the trip per attendee is $1175.  With that said, based on possible our fund raising efforts and parish help, we are estimating each attendee costs to be around to $450 to $500 per attendee.  This costs will be broken down over the next 6 months and once finalized, Noel will pass along the payment schedule.  Noel stressed that if there is a desire to go, we will make it happen.  Lack of funds should not be a reason that your teen cannot go.  Will we work with you to make it happen so as long as a desire is there – Please talk to Noel ASAP if this is a concern.

Other than Noel and Sheila, the adults who have expressed interest in being Chaperones:

Hassan Cruz, Cathy Aguilar, Odavar (one parent).

Given the initial schedule and the need to secure flight arrangements ASAP, Noel is requesting those who know they are going on this trip, to let him know ASAP with a deadline  to commit on 5/15/23.  Giving a commitment by 5/15 will secure your teen’s spot at the initial costs (TBD).  Please contact Noel at 904.629.1022 to give your commitment or if you have concerns or questions. 

Noel will be available to discuss this trip further by phone, zoon or in-person whether you need more information or was unable to come to this meeting.

There will still be opportunities to join in this trip, however the fees will increase as time goes due to the changes needed to be made with flights, hotels, conference registrations.

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